Maverick Stategies + Communications

At Maverick Strategies + Communications, we combine in-depth research with high-impact communications strategies to assist free-market oriented individuals and groups, as well as some of America’s largest employers, biggest trade associations, and leading non-profits.

Experience + Expertise

Our firm’s founders — Bret Jacobson, Derrek Hofrichter, and Ian Spencer — have more than 20 years combined experience in providing comprehensive communications and web development strategies for multi-national corporations, large non-profit charities and think tanks, America’s biggest trade associations, family businesses, and more. We employ sophisticated strategies that scale from the smallest campaign to the largest international crusade. Our research, strategy, and execution have been picked up by national broadcast stations, radio, key new media outlets, and opinion leaders such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox News, Associated Press, Forbes, Roll Call, and more.


We are in the business of solving problems for our clients and are not bound by a restrictive off-the-shelf model. We are therefore able to help conceive, build and operate interest coalitions, assist non-profits and think tanks in promoting their research and programs, launch local or nationwide media relations campaigns, develop large-scale or micro-targeted websites, and create and manage a social media presence. We provide services in the areas of Public Relations, New Media/Facebook, Research, Web Development+Outreach, Crisis Communications, and strategies that help our clients reach their goals. Our practice areas are frequently employed in brand, project, and cause promotion and defense against litigation, regulation, legislation.